About Us
About Us

Altonchem Chemicals is one of Iran's leading manufacturers and suppliers of Industrial Chemicals
with15 years of experience. Our employees form a global community of chemicals production
experts who are passionate about solving our customers’ specific challenges at all stages of sales as
well as throughout the lifecycle of the trade deal.
Our more than 1000 employees are specialists in standard technical preservation, chemical, and
additives, make sure that all products are produced by the well-known raw material., as well as
product development and quality control in our laboratories at Altonchem and its sister companies.
Altonchem’s success and stronger business performance is driven by its people and their commitment
to getting results, operating responsibly, and executing with excellence.
Our website is designed to give you an insight into our chemical distribution and manufacturing
business. We reveal how we can deliver the solution on time, every time, allowing you to focus on
your customers while we take care of the chemicals-from the raw material to the finished product
anywhere in the world.
We are always looking for long-term cooperation and most of our users are repeat clients as we
strive to provide care after-sales services to our users.